Jim's Clothing & Sporting Goods offers the finest in screen printing, offering great looking comfort at an economical price. Choose from our many styles and colors for your special team or employees, customers or sports.

What is screen printing? 

Screen printing is the most common & economical method for T-shirt printing. In this method we make a different screen for each color of your design and lay each color down on the shirt one at a time. The design will have long lasting durability and color and can be placed anywhere on the shirt or garment. We can only do 6 colors per design. Typically this is more than enough for most designs.

Most customers don't give the color of the shirt they choose a second thought. But the color of shirt you choose can make a big difference in the final product you receive.

  • White shirts are cheaper and easier to reproduce colors on.
  • Black shirts are the most expensive color and the hardest to reproduce colors on.
  • To make colors bright on a black shirt, we have to use an underlay. This means we lay down white ink first, flash cure it, and then print the other colors on top of that. This increases the price and art difficulty.
  • When choosing the color of the shirt, the dye in the color will migrate in to the ink. Some colors are worse than others, especially with 50/50 blend T-Shirts.
  • Simple colors like red, yellow, orange, do not state exactly what colors you have in mind. If you have seen a specific color in one of our catalogs, please state that color. If you say "Light Blue", there are several light colored blue shirts from some of our suppliers.